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Student Ministries

Come as you are
and join us

The Middle School and High School years, nothing is quite like them or as exciting! Students are learning so much about God, themselves, the world, and what they believe. The years between grades 6 and 12 see students move from young people to young adults, and God wants to use this time in their lives to shape, mold, encourage, and direct students hearts in faith, hope, and love.


God has so much in store for the students of today who will become the adults and leaders of tomorrow. Imagine for one moment the impact that one’s life devoted to God can have on the world. It’s exciting to think, but before they get there, they need to swim through some twisting, turning, and forming waters. Johnson’s Student Ministry is staffed with people who know students. Each of the team knows how to love, speak to, have fun, encourage, and challenge students to go deep with God and trust God’s plan for their lives. The key is authenticity and relationships built on Jesus’ love.


The Student ministry meets weekly, with encounters of different shapes and sizes scheduled throughout the year. It’s the place for any teen to plug in, be known, and grow to more than they may even realize is possible, not just for the teen years, but a lifetime.


Youth Group Information:

Open to Middle & Highschoolers

Meets Wednesdays from 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Contact Jules Noonan for more information.

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