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Children's Ministries

Jesus loves kids! Our church loves kids! No 2 kids are the same.

Each child is a unique and wondrous gift to us and the world from God, and we treat kids that way. We want children in our church, in our communities, and beyond to know God loves them, has a good plan for them, and has good news for their lives today, tomorrow, and forever.


We have programming on Sunday mornings that is “kid-style”. Each child will be able to sing, worship, learn, grow, play, and serve in ways that will show them God’s love and how to express God’s love to others. Johnson also offers different programing through the week and at different times of the year, that will keep children engaged with God, growing in God, and learning to share the good news of Jesus in ways that make sense to each child and matters to them and you. How do we do it? We have dedicated staff and volunteers who live and engage each child with the love of Jesus! How do we do it?


We make it our mission to know each child’s name and interests. We work to know what makes them laugh, cry, love, and grow. We do it all with the love of Jesus leading us to build relationships that go far beyond the church walls and a set time, to a lifetime of encouraging, building into, and loving each child God gives our ministry.


For more information, just call or email the church office.

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