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Sport's Ministries

Ready, Set, Go!

Sports can teach so much. Sports draw us deep into team-work, faith, hope, purpose, and love for others. Being on a team can teach us, that life has so much more to work towards than the here and now, the points or seconds on the clock. When we work with others, we accomplish a victory that brings fun and excitement.


At Johnson, we know that Jesus has called us, each one of us, to be on a team, God’s team, and God is with us through it all to the victory. Through our sports ministry, people from the youngest of ages to adults experience the power of focusing on faith, hope, love for others, working and winning together on and off the court. Relationships are built that show us God’s love and lead us to give God’s love with every moment left in the game of basketball, volleyball, and yes…life.


Our sports calendar offers sports and events throughout the year for youth and adults. All will find a place to join in, play, and grow in the experience of sports, and yes, win in so many ways! Most of all they will experience Jesus’ love and encouragement each time they choose to participate. The Sports ministry is staffed by passionate staff and volunteers who can help you grow in God and your ability to embrace sports to the fullest, no matter your skill level.


Interested? Call the church office at 330-825-7886, or reach out to the church office via email. See you in the Family Life Center to….Play Ball!

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