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Advent Study

We are reading the book "When God Comes Down" for our Church Advent Study.  If you would like to participate, contact the office for more information.  Here are some things to think about that can be found in the book.

Week 2

A Story of Transformation


The story we tell from Christmas to Easter is the life-transforming story of the way the self-giving love that is the essence of the character of God invaded every corner of human existence. That story begins here at the virgin point in Mary's life, the point of absolute nothing-ness when Mary says, "I am the Lord's servant. Let it be with me just as you have said" (verse 38). It's the point at which Mary allowed the love of God to become a tangible reality in and through her life.

Spiritual Journeys

How do you picture Mary?

How has her story been a part of your spiritual journey?


When have you learned to say yes and allowed the love of God to be born anew, born from above, or born again in you?

Week 1

Scripture, Worship, and Silence


How have you experienced these disciplines?  Which one needs your attention during this Advent season?  How will you practice it?


Spiritual Disciplines

Advent is the time when we prepare ourselves to experience the coming of Christ.  During the coming week, practice one spiritual discipline such as prayer, silence, or Scripture reading that will help you open your eyes, your ears, your heart, and your mind to God’s presence.


Who Jesus Is

“Jesus is God simplified.  God approachable, God understandable, God lovable….Jesus is the last word that can be said about God….The Christian faith is not a set of propositions to be accepted — it is a Person to be followed.”
                                                                                                                                               — E. Stanley Jones


Joseph's Faith

Like those who went before him, Joseph’s faith was refined in the crucible of decisive obedience to what he understood to be God’s call in his life.

Next Steps

What steps do you need to take to live a more obedient life?  What keeps you from taking those steps?


Plan of Action

Make a list of ways you can take steps to be obedient to God.  Choose one thing on your list and do it in the week ahead.

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